Unitechnologies SA

Unitechnologies SA is active in the high-tech field of precision automation and has almost 50 years of experience. By means of its well-known brands sysmelec® and mta®, Unitechnologies offers a large product range of standard dispensing and soldering cells as well as fully automated, complex and highly productive assembly lines. A new brand has been launched in July 2014 under the name sylas®. Its goal is to supply standard machines for high precision 3D surface processing and other laser applications. With its 130 highly qualified employees, Unitechnologies develops and realizes production machines for various industries, such as automotive, medical, electronics, watchmaking and optoelectronics.

Unitechnologies brings to the project its proven expertise in machine development and the knowledge of laser integration in complex automated processes. Unitechnologies will guide the phases of concept establishment and risk analysis together with the project partners. A leading role will be taken during machine development and construction. A full process validated will be executed within Unitechnologies facilities before entering the tests phases with the project partners. Thanks to its experience gathered in 3D laser systems and its long term collaboration with the ILT on 3D laser polishing, sylas® surely is the perfect partner for the ultraSURFACE project. On top of that, Unitechnologies will provide the engineering know-how as well as the machine project management skills that are necessary in a complex and multi-disciplinary automation project.

The market interest and demand is very strong for technologies that provide new solutions in surface processing. Unitechnologies has clearly identified this statement with its 3D laser surface processing machine sylas® that has been presented in various international trade fairs. However, the interest for this technology and machine is linked with productivity issues. Although laser surface processing has many advantages, certain projects will not be considered because laser processing is not fast enough. Parallel processing with multiple beams is surely a way to improve process speed and increase productivity. In order to reach these goals, an important effort to develop innovative methods and strategies compatible with parallel processing will be considered.

Another aspect is the surface quality reached by laser processing, which can be insufficient in some cases. One of the project goals is to enhance surface properties which are surely beneficial in order to establish laser technology.

The ultraSURFACE development goals are fully in line and coherent with the natural evolution of Unitechnologies 3D surface processing machine sylas®. It will be very important to present a prototype machine on international trade fairs and conferences in order to increase the visibility of these newly developed technologies and thereby increase sales for the company.