Pulsar Photonics GmbH

The Pulsar Photonics GmbH is a 2013 founded technology-oriented spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT. The range of services of the company includes the development, production and sales of integrated tools and measurement systems for materials processing with short and ultra-short pulse lasers. Modular systems for beam shaping, beam splitting, and deflection are enhanced with sensors in order to simplify the operation of USP laser systems and to increase its productivity significantly. By integration of sensor modules, laser processes can be monitored and workpieces and machining results will be qualified directly in the machine. The interface to the user as well as the control of the module chain is provided by an intuitive software that is matched to the control of peripheral components and to an automated configuration of the modules. In addition to the development of system technology Pulsar Photonics is a competent partner for individual part and series production with (ultra-) short pulse lasers. Core processes are laser structuring, drilling and precision cutting. Pulsar photonics has experience in the development of optical components for the application in ultrafast processes. These include components for beam guidance and beam shaping as well as the integration of sensors. In addition Pulsar has a long experience in process development for drilling, cutting and ablation with ultrashort pulsed laser.

Key persons will be Dr. Jens Holtkamp who is working in the field of laser ablation and system development since 2004 and Dipl.-Phys. Stephan Eifel who is working in the field of laser ablation since 2009. Additional work will be done by student workers coming from the RWTH Aachen University and other universities.