Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH

Braun was founded in 1921 in Frankfurt, and is today part of Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH. It is a manufacturer of electric appliances with a current product range of 200 models. The company has production facilities in Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Mexico and China, producing 150,000 appliances per day. Worldwide the company has approximately 9,000 employees. The factory of  Procter&Gamble in Marktheidenfeld, Germany (formerly factory of Braun), involved in this project, has 40 toolmakers, and the mould department is responsible for 450 injection tools. The company is a manufacturer of electrical domestic appliances, especially for dental care and cosmetic depilation (under the brand Braun/Oral-B). In the broader scope of the corporation a large variety of kitchen machines, coffee machines, electric irons, infrared thermometers, blood pressure meters, hair care products, watches and pocket calculates are produced. Essentially, all products are made from polymer materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art injection moulding processes.

In Marktheidenfeld, a toolshop for mould and die production with 40 employees was erected. In this competence center for tool engineering laser processes are used to produce and functionalize tools and dies.

Since injection moulding is one of the central processes for all products of PROCTER-GAMBLE, the developments in ultraSURFACE are of critical importants for the company. By taking part in this project, PROCTER-GAMBLE intends to increase the versatility and productivity of their tool manufacture. PROCTER-GAMBLE took part in several nationwide funded R&D projects.