Flexible Optical B.V. (OKO Tech)

Flexible Optical B.V. (OKO Tech) is a small Dutch business operating in the field of research and application-oriented development of laser and high resolution imaging adaptive optics. From its foundation in 1997, OKO offers high-quality deformable mirrors featuring extremely smooth surface with HR metal and dielectric coatings suitable for most demanding imaging and high power laser applications.

One of the types of the deformable mirrors manufactured by OKO is micro machined membrane deformable mirrors (MMDM) with apertures in the range of 10 to 50 mm. MMDM represent a high-quality affordable solution for the correction of dynamic wavefront deformations in laser systems and telescopes and are successfully used in a number of applications (see http://www.okotech.com/publications for the publications based on the OKO mirrors). Because of their zero hysteresis, low light scattering and good power handling ability (up to 500W cw), MMDM are highly suitable for the feedforward intensity distribution control of the laser beam, required in the proposed project.

Within the project, OKO will improve the existing design of the MMDM and control electronics to match the project requirements and will supply the deformable mirrors including control electronics for the project purposes. Key persons will be Dr. Gleb Vdovin and Dr. Oleg Soloviev.