Newson NV

Newson NV is a technology group specialised in laser beam deflection technology. The SME Newson NV develops, manufactures and sells these laser technology products to machine builders and has all necessary engineering in house. After founding in 1988, Newson NV accumulated a vast experience in all hardware and software aspects involved in signal measurement and control engineering. In 2001 Newson patented the rhothorâ„¢ concept, setting revolutionary new standards in laser deflection. A family of products incorporating this technology is available for the OEM market. Engineering remains one of the core activities of Newson, leaving ample room for customized developments grouped under the header "Industrial Solutions". Modularity and design for re-use are applied whenever possible, resulting in standard components for general use.

The tasks of Newson within ultraSURFACE is split between Newson NV and two third parties:

Newson Drive bvba (Third Party)

  • Project management for all three Newson companies

Newson Engineering NV (Third Party)

  • Development of electronics and IC-software

Newson NV (Beneficiary)

  • Development of user interfaces and project specific software
  • Development and testing of mechanics
  • Development and testing of electronics